CASH Music


All demos have the CASH debug panel, showing SESSION data and the last CASH Request. We're using all media with permission from the respective artist — please support them by following purchase links, following them on social networks, or going out to see their shows.

Email Collection

The Email Collection element is a simple way to gather email addresses to local mailing lists. All of the messages can be customized in the admin options, and an asset can be specified as a download reward for new signups. Fully CSS styleable.

Email For Download
Portugal. The Man: Email for download

A basic demo — an email in exchange for a download with no scripting or customization of the element needed.

Email Contest
Iron & Wine: Email contest entry

Shows email collection with no download — instead a short JavaScript enforces capture of a city and embeds a code in the comment field on signup.


Tour Dates

Our Tour Dates element is simple and easy to configure, allowing you to pull all of the published events from your calendar and display them. It can show only upcoming dates, an archive of dates, or both — featuring purchase links, venue information, google maps integration, and more.

Tour Dates
Wild Flag: Upcoming tour dates

A basic list of tour dates with purchase and google map links where relevant.


Social Feeds

As social becomes more important so does getting creative with it. Our social feeds element lets you pull in feeds from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, and Vimeo. Filter them, combine them, and create custom feeds, cached on your server.

Filtered Social Feeds
Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman: Filtered Social Feeds

Take two Twitter feeds, filter each to only show tweets to one another, combine, and sort — all with simple forms and no custom coding. Styled using only standard CSS.